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General Terms and Conditions for Export Procedures

Booking General Terms and Conditions

Vessel expected arrival/departure dates, as advertised in the MSC Stack advertisement and MSC Schedules are subject to changes. Please always contact our office or please refer to our website for regular updates.

All exports bookings have to be submitted to MSC by filling the MSC booking form (.xls) (a copy can be extracted from our website or requested to our office) or through the inttra web portal service. (www.inttra.com).

All bookings are subject to acceptance from MSC. Upon receipt of the booking form, we shall confirm the booking by allocating a booking reference and communicating same to the booking party/shipper through an MSC booking confirmation sheet (in case of intra bookings, upon receipt of the intra booking and upon acceptance a confirmation message will be sent to intra who will in turn inform the booking party accordingly).

The MSC Booking confirmation sheet has to be presented by the shipper/booking party to MSC’s office in order to obtain the related documentations for the export shipment, namely Empty Container Delivery Note, Shipping Order and MSC Bottle Seal.

A confirmed MSC booking is linked to a proposed export vessel and its expected sailing date. The shipper/booking party should ensure to enquire about the stack periods of the proposed vessel so as to adhere to the set stack deadlines.

Should the shipper/booking party not ship its bookings on the said/booked vessel/voyage, MSC should be informed immediately otherwise demurrage charges as per tariff may be imposed.

Bookings for the US, China, Mexico and the EU are subject to the 24 hour advanced manifest rule. Please contact our office for further details on the requirements of such regulations.

Shipping Instructions (SI) General Terms and Conditions

Information submitted within the booking sheet is for booking purposes only. Once booking is confirmed, a shipping instruction must be filled in and submitted by the shipper/booking party for formal bill of lading and cargo descriptions for this shipment.

Information contained within the SI shall then be construed as details furnished by the shipper representing the bill of lading details for the consignment.

Please also pay close attention to the communicated deadlines for SI submission. Late submission of SI for 24 hour rule requirements may result in cargo not being loaded or fines imposed, for which the carrier will not be held responsible.

A copy of the MSC Shipping Instruction format is available from our website or can be requested from our export department.

Empty Container Delivery Note (EDCN) for a Confirmed Booking

All MSC empty containers shall be delivered by our appointed depot to the shipper/booking party against presentation of the Empty Container Delivery Note, duly referenced with a booking number and duly signed and stamped.

The shipper/booking party shall inspect the container for suitability for carriage of the goods before packing it. The parties’ use of the container shall be prima facie evidence of its being sound and suitable for use.

Any ECDNs shall be issued following a booking onto a specific vessel, with a validity period based on the booked vessel/voyage estimated time of arrival. Once the validity period is expired, the ECDN shall be rendered null and void. For such scenario, our office should be contacted as soon as possible.

Delivery of Full Container onto the Terminal

Shipper should only deliver the full (or any empty Shipper Owned) container to the Mauritius Container Terminal or SSR container Terminal within the stack periods of the booked vessel, as mentioned within the MSC stack advertisement.

Not respecting the above will result in storages charges being claimed by the Port Operator, which shall then be charged to the shipper. Exception is also made for reefer and hazardous cargo where storage charges shall accrue from the day the container is delivered onto the terminal until loading.

For reefer cargo, electricity charges for the plugging of the container until loading shall also be charged to the shipper.

It is mandatory that the shipper presents the export shipping order for the said booking to the Port Operator for the container to be accepted to gate in the terminal.

Please pay attention to the information mentioned by the shipper into the shipping order. The shipper is fully responsible for all information mentioned within the shipping order remitted to the Port Operator.

Information such as weight, port of discharge should be validated by the shipper (as per his booking) before submitting the full container into the terminal. Any such wrong information mentioned on the Shipping Order may result in cargo not being loaded or being loaded and wrongly stacked within the vessel. Any costs arising thereof shall be on account of the shipper.

Before delivery onto the terminal and for IMO cargo, the shipper is responsible for affixing the required and correct labels, as per the IMDG classifications, onto the container. The shipper should also issue a ‘Multimodal Dangerous Goods Form’ in compliance with the lay out and regulations of the IMDG code book and also in compliance with the procedures of the local authorities.

Other General Terms and Conditions

Once the export container is delivered onto the terminal within the port area, it falls under the custody of the Port and Customs authority until loading onto the MSC vessel.

Export Storage charges, Export Shore charges and export quay fees are imposed by the Cargo Handling Corporation and the Mauritius Port Authority respectively. These fees, where applicable are invoiced by MSC on behalf of the latter parties.

Where container should be delivered to a third party, the legal entity should officially authorize MSC to act accordingly through the letter of authority (LOA) duly signed under the letter head of the latter. You may download an example of MSC LOA for shipper (.doc) and forwarding agent (.doc).

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